Claire Ross-Brown


Claire Ross-Brown


Claire Ross-Brown is a British actress and singer.  She played the character “Claire” in the award winning Danish sitcom ‘KLOVN’, the most successful comedy show in Danish history.  Claire not only learn’t the language fluently, but proved that improvising comedy in another language had it’s advantages.  Claire’s other roles include early films such as, ‘The Rainbow” with Dir. Ken Russell, as well as more recent dramatic roles in;  ‘Love Me Forever’, ‘The Black Pimpernel’ “Insight” and the award winning BBC tv-series ‘East Enders’ and Sky series ‘Agony’.   Known for her wide range of roles and her agile ability to perform martial arts, write and produce her own projects, has made Claire a household name in Denmark. In 2020, Claire launched her own sustainable fashion and accessories brand CJ

A brief CV below – or go to imdb page:

The Other Life Bella (Supporting) Jonas Elmer/Bepop Films
The Stranger Inside Jane (Supporting) Adam Neutsky-Wulff/Drama Deluxe Films
First Sight Chloe (Lead) ACP Films
Take out the Trash  Tine (Supporting) Fridthjof Film / Rasmus Heide
Love me Forever Gloria (Supporting) Ulf Hulthberg / Movie Fan Productions
The Black Pimpernail Elena (Supporting) Ulf Hulthberg / Movie Fan Productions
Pisteleros Michelle (Lead) Wize Guy Producitons / Shaky Gonzales
The Collector Receptionist  ASA Films / Lasse Spang Olsen
Commonwealth Annette (Lead) Jullian Ficarelli/ Ficarelli Films
The Horror Vault Julia Herrington (lead) Cetus Productions
Speak of the Devil Natalie (Lead) Revolver Films / Shaky Gonzales
Far from China Selena (Lead) Christian Leigh
Rainbow Schoolgirl  Ken Russell


Kamikaze Maria HBO Productions
Friheden Diane Viaplay Networks
Klovn Claire (Recurring) Zentropa productions/Mikkel Norgaard
Agony Co star (Recurring) Phil Pristman / Sky
Eastenders Co star BBC productions


Celebrity Masterchef Claire Metronome Productions
Come Dining Claire SBS Producitons
Hit Parade Claire TV 2 Zulu
Celebrity Devil Race Claire TV2 Zulu
Good morning Denmark Claire (Interviews) TV2 Denmark


Complexity Debut Album-Claire Infinity Sound
Two Sisters Music Video –Lead ACP Producitons
Assassin Music Video-Lead ACP Productions

Performance Skills: Comedy, Improvisation, Dance, Singing, Voice Overs.

Athletic Skills: Runner, Martial Arts, Kick boxer, Ballet

Accents:  British, Cockney, American

Spoken Languages: English, Danish – Fluent

Education: Ravenscourt Park Theatre School, London UK. Ivana Chubbuck Master Classes with Ivana herself.

Visa 01 Approved and can work Union / Non Union / Local Hire